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Adobo Oven Vertical Broiler for Tacos al Pastor

Adobo Oven Vertical Broiler for Tacos al Pastor Review

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Adobo Oven Vertical Broiler for Tacos al Pastor Feature

  • Adobo OvenTM Is a novelty vertical broiler used for the preparation of Pastor Tacos also known as Tacos de Trompo
  • Adobo OvenTM is a one of a kind oven that complies with all of the regulations of the Health Department
  • The vertical spit contains a heating mechanism which regulates the internal temperature allowing it to reach 140°F from its core thus causing 100% of the meat to be outside of the danger zone.
TACOS AL PASTOR We realized that Mexican restaurants in the US lack the original "trompo de pastor" (traditional display pastor ovens), and we quickly learned that the reason for this is because traditional pastor ovens do not conform to the regulations imposed by the Health Department. A closer look at the issue revealed that with a conventional pastor oven, the rack of meat is slowly cooked from the outside, leaving a percentage of the meat in the inside at risk for bacteria reproduction. The cooking method is the most important to prepare the real tacos al pastor. We Design a new oven that complies with the health department. We use to own a restaurant here in San Antonio. The name was Adobo Taco at I 10 We are now selling this ovens in USA. With ADOBO OVEN. A revolutionary oven that allows its user to cook the meat of the "pastor tacos" while displaying the process inside any restaurant. This allows the restaurant patrons to experience the feeling of eating in a real Mexican "taquería". ADOBO OVEN prevents this vulnerability by cooking the meat in a revolutionary way. Along with the burners on the outside, it also has an inside heating mechanism that cooks the meat from its core, thus allowing the whole rack of meat to reach the adequate temperature. ADOBO OVEN meets all of the requirements of the US Health Department and its revolutionary technology assures that the meat will always be safe and healthy. Clients will enjoy the show of watching the "taquero" prepare tacos by cutting thin slices from the rack of pastor meat and placing them in a small corn tortilla along with onion, cilantro and the traditional small chunk of pineapple.

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